Acquisitions Services

In order to determine the best aircraft that suits your budget and needs, our aircraft sales specialist team starts their search process with comprehensive knowledge about your budget and travel needs whether being for pleasure or business. Once listened and analyzed all aspects presented then we would make knowledgeable recommendations to best suit you, allowing you to buy the right aircraft at the right price.

Brokerage Services

Through our skills and innovation in advertising, media and worldwide network, our team of professionals will sell your aircraft as expeditiously as possible at the best price. As a South American market specialist company located in South Florida, we can get the exposure your aircraft needs not only in the US but also in countries like Brazil’s booming aircraft market.

Aircraft Appraisal

For the buyer the appraisal is an impartial, professional opinion as to the value of the particular aircraft being purchased. It is a valuable tool for the buyer to use in determining a fair offering price based on all installed equipment and modifications. For the seller it offers the confidence of knowing the general condition and current fair market value of the aircraft being sold as seen through the eyes of an independent third party.

We also specialize in:

Market Research & Analysis

Pre-purchase inspection

Ferry services


Aircraft Brokerage

Aircraft Brokerage